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Although this has been going on as long as there has been a Zodiac and Earth, the earliest Great Month we have any real knowledge of is Leo, around 10,000-8000 BC.

LEO/AQUARIUS (10,000-8000 BC):
Leo, ruled by the Sun itself was important to this age of humans. In their primitive, coming-into-being stage of development, creativity was the highlight of this age. Basic inventions and discoveries such as fire, the wheel, stone arrowheads and tools, beautiful and bold carvings and cave paintings all reflect the influences of Leo and its opposite sign of Aquarius.

AQUARIUS/LEO (2000 - 4000 AD):
Although according to many, the Aquarian Age doesn’t really start until around 2300, the “New Age” is showing its influence in space travel, a greater concern for the human rights in the world, a desire to disarm and practice what we preach about global peace, and an increasing dependence on technology and science. The keyword for Aquarius is “humanity,” and hopefully, the age of Aquarius will bring more and more global unity and concern for the human race as a whole, aside from nationalistic greed and avarice. Leo can temper Aquarius’ tendency to leap before looking, and to keep creativity flowing. Aquarius cares about humanity but sometimes neglects those close at hand. Leo can bring concern and caring to those near and dear.


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