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Group stage - 31 October 2006 20:45 (CET) - Fußball Arena München - Munich
Bayern0 - 0

Paulo Bento, Sporting coach

In the first half we were the better side, but lacked the belief to win this match. In the second half Bayern were on top and we had particular problems with Roy Makaay. It would have been huge to take all three points back to Portugal, so we took more risks. Our aim hasn't changed, we still want to reach the round of 16 and have always competed to win. That won't change in Italy against Inter. We will miss Liedson through suspension, but as always I will field eleven players - that's all you have to do in football.



Though, we'll play with less fools commited, yellow cards and ruled offsides. Other the name of resolution. A school one? A south american touch? Other We'll see, Green Gazon. He'll field eleven players - that's all you have to do in football.


  • Havia dito Green Gazon?
    Pois...os 'de verde e branco' jogámos de amarelo.
    Não sendo uma propriedade intrínseca, a côr da camisola não deixa de ser relevante e sintomática quando e se sentida com sentido ou representada à falência.


    By Blogger Alor, at 1:44 a.m.  

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