Ignoto Ego



I got the will to drive myself sleepless.

So much time is cashed.
So much smoke is wasted.
Sudden disappearance
In the air is thick and cool.

I can't approach myself
Skidding over this perdition
And now I'm out on the verandah
When I should have gone to school.

Well I call for sleep,
But sleep it won't come to me.
Shuffling in the hallway,
I can hear him on the stairs.
I hear his lighter flicking.
I hear the soft sigh of his inhale.
And the whole width of my intentions
He exhales into the air.

I got the will to drive myself sleepless.

Skeedunt, stunt the runt,
Smoking buddha blunt.

I got the will to drive myself sleepless.

Soul Coughing, Irrestible Bliss (Warner, 1996)



  • Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

    A nice blog do you have here. I like this little poem, too.

    Please take a moment to check out my Blog, too.

    Was Salam
    True Life

    By Anonymous True Life, at 7:20 a.m.  

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