Ignoto Ego


Yet the Wind, Bortuqal,

Feel able to generalize if gender's not an issue anymore (or at least give away for a second the divides of bullshiting exhibits) and, still, reckon the poignant connections Wind-fomented at the Bortuqal's present designated regions: that West-East North-South axis tripping of senses blowing answers should be listened to (for Real Full Moon series) is the point we might consider as revealing well more of the effective motions ongoing with/in the territorial entity. Yeah, ongoing South in North or North in South, how Real are that floating traces? Take it for granted as it is as sparing you of so called so and so devices of your self, for instance, one could connecting tell.
Granted the motion of motions, a kin wind a mil -ing, for the courses are directed too.

Sampling coordinates as to check-ing in nuances, doing an atempt to see. There's some setas of some step injunctions, there's some drifting to(o). So little, so much. There are no One but One? Oh, the difference of say-ing.

Sick (dis-ease) of this left to right script routine, you know?

P.S. - 5 regions to make a statement to the 5 stuff banner boy choir.

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