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Deerhoof's 'Halfbird' [2001] by Jason Nickey (All Music Guide))

With Deerhoof's fourth album, Halfbird, the San Francisco-based trio channeled their chaotic tendencies into actual songs without losing much, if any, of their playful absurdity and pummeling energy. Like Yoko Ono fronting the White Stripes, Deerhoof combines avant wordplay with bluesy, punked-out garage rock, with vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki teetering between inviting whispers and a patience-testing falsetto. Not light listening by any stretch, but the album's loud-soft dynamic is easily digested after a few listens. From the quiet yet brooding meditation of "Red Dragon" and "Xmas Tree" to the all-out sonic mayhem of "Rat Attack" and "Trickybird," Halfbird is a well-paced and adventurous collection. Maybe not as successful as Reveille, but certainly a close second.


  • hello hello...
    I read you like antropology!!! so beautiful! I am studing that... and music, and... lots of beautiful things that Ii read in your interests... I am here because you post a message on a picture on my blog, and iam trying to understand portugues...haha
    iam reading you and your blog since now, nice to meet you boy!
    estas invitado a pasar cuando quieras por mi blog!!!!


    By Blogger Lucila, at 11:43 p.m.  

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