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[DC++] Conversa com uma folha de chá antisocial

|Alor| Hi! Just for curiosity, where are (phisically) you? [because you're the first user with an unidentified IP that I'm interacting with)

|leaftea| "phisically" is spelled "physically"..

|leaftea| sorry is this like.. some spam pm or something?

|Alor| certainly no spam stuff

|Alor| just curiosity

|leaftea| oh. Hahah, sorry. I'm in Indiana.

|Alor| and sorry for the incorrection

|leaftea| it's ok. I just thought you were going to get me to look at some porn or something.

|Alor| :-) No, no.. We are real people and can talk like that (with that present, the human condition and its semantics fields)

|leaftea| Heh. I do see. ^^; I'm a bit of a grammar nazi, so correcting people is like.. my hobby.

|leaftea| I have no life, so.. yeah

|Alor| I was just trying to make sense of the ?? that appears in your ip information

|leaftea| Hm. I really have no clue about that.

|Alor| since we're connected; sometimes we kind of should exchange some impressions, even or essentially the most allucinated of them

|Alor| but how it comes to say that you've no life?

|leaftea| I just don't have a life.

|leaftea| I'm at home all the time.. I don't go out

|leaftea| Ok, I have no "social" life

|leaftea| Do you mind if I ask where you're from?

|Alor| no, I don't mind. I'm from Portugal

|Alor| did it says something to you?

|leaftea| Oh no. I was just wondering.

|Alor| no, I'm asking you if Portugal itself says something to you, culturally or smthng like that

|leaftea| Nope, not really. I just know where it is and I hear that soccer's pretty big there.

|Alor| well, that's something..I bet Bush doesn't know as much :-)

|leaftea| Haha! I sure agree with that! He's definitely.. not smart.

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