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como gado cativo - lo-fi voice to the hi-fi heart

Still, big AbraÇalam to Sagopa et al, due credit to the shake I'd rhymed on;

'bout the lyrics, hope there's no need to put them on (am I not stripped que chegue?!)... Anyhow, trying to catch them should make a good enough audio fitness exercise, i.e., deixe de ser duro de ouvido, cara***!

P.S. - well, let's see, if many families decide to beg for (use the comment-box for some high-quality feedback!, LOL), hereby I announce that I'll post them, OKi?!

UPDATE: Though Vos dê igual, for\from/ the record, (T)here's the lyrical device

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  • mas é como poesia
    gosto sempre de ler..
    so beg for i`m just one but...

    By Blogger Fitosemfim, at 1:43 a.m.  

  • Nice...

    Ai está o maior,
    representando o seu som
    É o MC Alor
    Mas que beat muito bom

    Continua à maneira
    cá estaremos a ouvir
    No Líbano ou na Pateira
    Todo o mundo a sorrir


    By Blogger al-Mansur, at 8:22 p.m.  

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